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Accident Investigation Consulting


Public Safety uses aerial imaging daily.  Use the same tools that are available for your case along with experience from two decades of crash investigation.

Law enforcement and government agencies are using drone photography and videography it would only make sense for you to understand how and what might be submitted for evidence of accidents, crime scene documentation and unforeseen catastrophic events or insurance claims.  

  • The mapping of the area may be important to tell the story, we can help you do that and explain why and how it works so you can be confident in using it as a tool to help your case.  

  • Simultaneously, we can review and offer information on review of accident cases due to extensive experience in accident investigations.

    • Prior Law enforcement training included:​

      • Traffic Homicide Investigations​

      • Advanced Accident Investigations

      • Accident Reconstruction

      • Investigation of Pedestrian accidents

      • Investigation of Commercial motor vehicle accidents

      • Investigation of motorcycle accidents

      • DUI / DWI expert

        • Investigation of impaired driving with alcohol and drugs (profited as expert by Florida District Court of Appeals, [Thomas V. State])

    • FAA certified Part 107 Drone Pilot

      • Certified in night operations​

      • Various drones available for different assignment types

651-410-7033             5865 Neal Ave N, PMB#171, Stillwater, MN 55082

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