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What are the benefits of Aerial Imaging for accident scenes?

3D intersection image
Orthomosaic Roundabout
  • Obtaining aerial images of an accident location as close to the date of occurrence allows for truer representation.

  • Out dated and fuzzy internet maps may not represent the true condition of the area due to redevelopment, new construction or other traffic related incidents.  

  • Aerial images and mapping allow for the entire scene to be captured in one photograph.

  • The mapping product includes the ability to measure, mark, and document elements of your scene. 

  • Mapping services also provide not only a 2D view, but render into 3D to look at your scene from any angle.  This is important when it comes to visual obstructions from a driver's, pedestrian, or bicyclist point of view.

  • Not only do we do aerial imaging, but ground photography and videography also. 

Having ScenePhoto360 capture aerial imaging for your accident scene has the added benefit of being done by a pilot with nearly two decades of accident investigation and crash reconstruction experience with a background to include eight years of photography.  We have the legal proceedings experience to know what is needed in courtroom.  

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