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Quadcopter Drone

In our ever changing world, at speeds that sometimes seem unrealistic, this is a service that provides an effective, efficient, and cost conscious product that will demand your 100% satisfaction.  

Our promise: no excuses, no lapse in communication, and product deliverables that govern a customer experience which is memorable and enjoyable.  

Here for you and your visions

You are receiving a service backed by training, experience, and education.

Earl Bakke is a FAA certified pilot with eight years of photography experience, and seven years of flying experience, six of which under FAA Part 107 commercial service.  FAA Part 107 certificate is current with yearly required recurrent training including successful training to fly at night.  

Prior career experience includes two decades in law enforcement with just over 18 years specializing in accident investigation and crash reconstruction.  Extensive experience in legal presentation and testimony in both criminal and civil proceedings.  In addition, five years of insurance claim investigations, and conducting nearly 150 home-roof drone inspections for insurance claims.  In addition, 32 years of emergency medical services experience, and 12 years as a registered nurse specializing in emergency ad critical care.  


Successful graduate of four college degrees, the highest being a Master's in Business management and leadership.   

  • Specialty Training includes:​

    • Traffic Homicide Investigations​

    • Advanced Accident Investigations

    • Accident Reconstruction

    • Investigation of Pedestrian accidents

    • Investigation of Commercial motor vehicle accidents

    • Investigation of motorcycle accidents

    • Investigation of impaired driving with alcohol and drugs (profited as expert by Florida District Court of Appeals, [Thomas V. State])

Aerial Photography of the Beach





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