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Not all questions below are related to real estate, mapping, thermal imaging and overall aerial drone photography.  If your question is not address please use the question inquiry box and we will answer your question/s ASAP.  

Frequently asked questions:

What are the rules for where we can fly?

We fly under FAA Part 107.  We are governed by FAA rules and laws.  If your project is inside a certain airspace area we will need to apply for either air traffic control authorization or a FAA waiver, depending on the scenario.  ScenePhoto360 does all the background research to comply with FAA regulations.  

Is ScenePhoto360 Registered, insured, and certified?

ScenePhoto 360 carries the appropriate general liability insurance which also includes specific provisions to drone use.  We are registered with the State of Minnesota's Secretary of State for LLC and also registered with the Federal Government for tax purposes.  ScenePhoto360, under its owner/Drone pilot, is a certified FAA Part 107 UAS (drone) pilot and has also completed recent updated training to allow for nighttime operations.

Are there weather considerations?

Because our drones are battery operated, no flights can take place in rain or snow.  There are extreme exceptions, such as active missing persons.  Water and battery power just don't do well for electronics.  For temperatures, the drones can fly freezing temperatures, but we will not fly below 15 degrees F for safety reasons, unless there are extreme circumstances, again, such as a missing person. 

Can you testify in legal proceedings?

We have experience from law enforcement career in testifying in depositions, hearings, and trials.  ScenePhoto360 is willing to testify about the authenticity of any photography or videography it produces.  

Can you enhance video or photographs?

When it comes to real estate photography presentation is everything.  ScenePhoto360 uses several Adobe products and other software for enhancement of photographs and video.  If the photographs or video have the potential to be involved in any legal type proceedings, ScenePhoto360 will make a duplicate copy of that file which will allow to testify on its authenticity.  

How do I get my photo and video projects?

You will be sent a link from DropBox.  It will have a specific password that only you will have and the files will be encrypted in case there is sensitive material pertaining to legal proceedings or investigations.  

Does ScenePhoto360 assist with public safety?

ScenePhoto360 is available to assist ANY public safety agency with an investigation, search and rescue, or evidence recovery.  

Does ScenePhoto360 participate with Non-profit charitable organizations?

ScenePhoto360 currently provides, at little to no cost, photography and videography to several non-profit organizations.  Please contact us if you need a service.

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