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Is thermal Imaging right for me?

Let's understand what thermal imaging is first:  Thermal imaging is a technology that captures the heat emitted by objects and converts it into a visual image. Instead of relying on visible light, thermal cameras detect infrared radiation, which is emitted by all objects based on their temperature. Warmer objects emit more infrared radiation, appearing brighter in thermal images, while cooler objects appear darker. This technology allows users to see temperature differences and patterns, making it valuable for various applications such as detecting heat or AC (energy) loss in buildings, moisture, mold, malfunctioning solar panels, and used widely for missing persons and animals.

drone mapping

Having a thermal drone and knowing how to properly use such are vastly different.  A thermal drone in the untrained hands of a pilot will undoubtedly lead to misleading and false results.  Thermal imaging requires careful planning for safety, weather, time of day, altitudes, angles and knowing what is in fact being imaged.  Done correctly, the results are extremely accurate and provide a wealth of information.  


Ensuring Quality Inspections: Thermographer certification provides assurance of competency and expertise in conducting thermal imaging inspections, leading to higher quality and reliable results.


ScenePhoto360 is Level I Thermographer certified

Thermographer certification
thermal solar panel inspection

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