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Drone Services

Thermographic Scanning

Certified Thermographer

Thermal drone imaging is like giving a superhero vision to drones. Just as humans see colors, drones equipped with thermal cameras see heat. These special cameras capture the heat emitted by objects, creating a visual representation where hotter areas are brighter. It's like having a magic tool that can find hidden problems, like energy leaks or equipment malfunctions, by revealing temperature differences. This technology is a game-changer for various fields, from spotting issues in buildings to monitoring agriculture. Explore the unseen with thermal drone imaging!

Residential Property Thermal Imaging
Solar panels
Commercial thermal imaging
Thermal Roofing

Drone Mapping

Drone photogrammetry is like creating a 2D and/or 3D puzzle from aerial photos taken by a drone. Imagine the drone as a flying camera that captures many pictures of an area. These photos overlap, just like puzzle pieces fit together.  Special software then analyzes these pictures, figuring out how they connect, and magically transforms them into an Orthomosaic map and/or a 3D model of the area of interest.  People may refer to this as drone surveying or drone land surveying.  We are not surveyors, but rather will collaborate with your licensed surveyor or engineer to provide centimeter accurate data collection.

We specialize in building, land, and accident scene mapping, along with roof inspections.  

3D intersection of accident location
3D Rendering - House.png

Drone Photography and Videography

Elevate your visual storytelling with high-resolution drone photography, capturing stunning images from above. Our FAA licensed commercial drone photographers deliver crystal-clear aerial shots, providing unparalleled detail for real estate listings, marketing campaigns, and more. Experience the power of aerial perspectives, showcasing properties with breathtaking clarity. Boost your business with the precision of high-definition drone imagery, delivering impactful visuals that resonate. Explore our drone photography services for immersive, detailed views that set your content apart in online searches.

Property - Fort Lauderdale
Overview of Minneapolis
Lake Superior - Duluth
Lift Bridge
St. Croix River
Duluth lift bridge
Fall on St. Croix River
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